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Half a century of a history that unites innovation, technology and sustainability in the most competitive segment of the Brazilian and international textile industry. This is how Canatiba Denim Industry is, a company at the forefront of denim that makes its fiftieth anniversary a landmark of contemporaneity followed by the entire production chain.

There are three large manufacturing units in Santa Bárbara D’Oeste that produce more than 11 million linear meters of fabrics each month that supply the national market and are also present in countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa. Thousands of direct and indirect workers join forces in cutting-edge production processes that meet the strictest sustainability and quality criteria.

Long before the sustainable concern that now floods the most modern textile parks in the world, Canatiba Denim Industry was already an example to be followed in this area. Environment preservation and social responsibility are this company’s trademarks.

Another characteristic that is more than evident in Canatiba Denim Industry’s DNA is innovation. No other industry has dared and innovated so much in the technological field, always in the direction of uniting the needs of an increasingly demanding market with the delivery of quality products, in a correct and responsible manner.

More than just manufacturing fabric, Canatiba understands that, in the next 50 years, its leadership role must follow the generation of value in the entire textile chain, from cotton to the hands of the most demanding consumers.

The increasingly closer, challenging and creative relationship with customers and partners is an integral part of Canatiba Denim Industry’s way of being. As a result, the future always comes earlier in this company’s looms.
A future that has been consolidated every day, for these 50 years of existence!


The company is the second largest textile factory in Latin America and the first in innovation and technology. It currently has three large manufacturing units in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste, in the countryside of São Paulo: Headquarters, Guaitacás and Tupis, with 350,000 square meters of built area, production of 11,000,000 meters and 2,000 direct employees. Equipped with the most modern technology, the factories operate with certified sustainable industrial processes, and with the use of environmentally friendly products that enable the reduction of gas emissions, water reuse, among others. Its industrial park is 49 years old, being constantly updated with 8-year-old equipment, on average.

With a permanent showroom installed in the capital city of São Paulo and distributed throughout the country, it carries out a selective schedule of customer-focused marketing actions, such as participation in the main events in the sector, institutional campaigns highlighting the differentials of its products, and exclusive events presenting fashion trends and processing techniques.



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