Articles on how to breathe a second life into old things are becoming more and more popular in the West. In Russia, the practice is not new. Build a bird feeder from a package for milk is a nice thing. Only if they have this trend – entertainment, we have inevitability. “People do this not out of savings, but because they believe that it is normal to live like this,” says journalist and director Elena Torgizhskaya.

I live in the village in New Moscow. Most of all our village is similar to a large construction site, in some places we have roads, and we do not have landscapes at all. That is, all that does not notice the eye in Moscow, all these flower beds, lawns and even sidewalks, we do not have. But we also want.

I somehow go from the stop and look, and the entrance to our village is decorated with six car tires. Our administrator could no longer look at the continuous liquid clay in which our village is buried, and decided to put beautiful flower beds, from the tires, and then plant flowers there. I’m going to swear. We say, a motorcade, a bus park, from what fright we decorate ourselves with tires?

The administrator looks at me and does not understand. And he says that if you paint with

white paint and bury it, it will be beautiful. That, they say, the neighbors pass by and everyone approves the initiative.

And here I understand that “beautifully” everyone does not need to argue. From my point of view, this is a poverty, all these flower beds are made of painted tires, but I will not undertake to explain to the one who considers it normal. Laborious.

If you walk through our environs, you can collect a large collection of this “beautiful”.

I see bird feeders made of dairy bags. Here someone made a mini-aircraft from a five-liter plastic bottle, with a trimmed bottom, and someone nearby fenced the lawn with a multi-colored fence made of dug plastic bottles of soda. But the star of garden and park architecture is a swan cut out of the tire.

And so I think, guys, why can’t you take this garbage in the garbage dump and make a bird’s birdhouse, and a fence from the picket fence?

And the flowerbed can be fenced with even larger real stones or make a wicker from real branches, you know about this?

I guess I think, people do it out of savings. And so I set in the search engine “flower beds from tires”. The search engine corrects me: “Flower beds from tires”. And a hundred recipes are falling on me, how to make a beautiful composition of unnecessary summer rubber.

“Each owner of a country house seeks to decorate the territory of an adjacent site. Buying industrial flowerpots from concrete or plastic modules quickly solves this problem, but is accompanied by serious costs. In order to save money, you can use a step -by -step guide to create such a simple product as a flowerbed of tires with your own hands: photos of flower beds from wheeled tires and practical recommendations will help to navigate in this matter ”.

I have a question, guys, and you, decorating the site with tires, so you built the house on? You found money for him? Why exactly in the flower beds you suddenly need to save?

No need to create from garbage, you don’t process it for humanity, you just take the garbage and throw it out

Large terracotta clay pot, twice as much tires, cost me a thousand rubles. We agreed that I would buy several of these pots to the village, and the administrator will throw out his tires and I will never see them again. This is if about my personal history and village.

Well, in short, everyone who puts flowers in such rubbish, he wiserly spends every thousand rubles? Now we will not talk about pensioners, but we’ll talk about all strong and normally earning men and women who did not find 100 rubles for a small plywood birdhouse and 50 rubles per greenhouse, but hoisted a milk bag and a plastic bottle in their yard. I just want to say that saving has nothing to do with.

People do this not out of savings, but because they believe that life is normal like this. Because they, regardless of the income level, in their heads of poverty. Because this aunt or uncle simply cannot imagine how they will go and buy something for their money. They better get something from the garbage bag and make it “beautifully”. And the money equivalent to a normal flowerbed is better to drink or they will buy cigarettes on them.

Well, the poverty standard reigning around will also take into account. There are so many attempts to make candy from shit, we call it “with your own hands”, so many swans made of rubber that it seems that this is our norm.

I even met on the Internet a whole leadership called “Create from garbage”. A cane bank turns into a casket, a DVD-disk into a clip for curtains, but a rug made of garbage bags and the decoration of an apartment made of egg trays. If you think that all this is beautifully done by the authors, no, ugly. Just for some reason it is very difficult for people to do a simple thing. Take and throw out the garbage, get rid of tires and send old disks and egg packages to the garbage bucket.

No need to create from garbage, you do not create innovations and do not process it for humanity, you just take the garbage and throw it out.

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