December – the time for closing the deadlines at work, deleting points from the list of personal tasks

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and raiding to stores in search of New Year’s dresses, Christmas decorations and products for the festive table. How to spend December as productively and confidently to enter the New Year?

Eliz Santilly Life-Cooping is sure: in order to meet the coming year fully armed, it is worth temporarily pushing small questions into the background and focus on the main thing-analysis and planning of a further course. Here are her advice.

1. Do not create a turmoil

Perhaps you have a long list of gifts that you need to buy, and things to have time to do. And these crowds in shopping centers and traffic jams on the roads. But if you live a real moment, retain awareness and grateful attitude to life, this period will be as calm as any other. The level of calm for the most part depends on the attitude to the situation.

So take a few deep breaths, find a reason for gratitude or smile, now for this is the time.

2. Make lessons from emotions

The holiday season involves a meeting with relatives. Sometimes this is not easy for us or causes mixed feelings. But people with whom the strong emotional reactions provokes in us are our main teachers. These bursts make it possible to look into themselves and go to new levels of forgiveness, love, self -awareness or personal power, which we did not suspect.

3. Analyze the outgoing year

December is an ideal time to analyze the previous 12 months of life and draw conclusions. Ask yourself what events pleased you, what did not work out the way you would like, what you learned about yourself and the world around you over the past year. The answers to these questions will help prepare for the coming year and have it good.

4. Let go of what it’s time to let go

The pre -holiday time is the time to get rid of the fact that it no longer brings benefits. What old grievances, regrets or errors interfere with moving forward? What stereotypical ideas about themselves do not allow success? Maybe you think that it is not talented enough? You are ready to let all this?

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