Children take everything away and give nothing in return. In addition to happiness

Gathering with friends and parties in a bar with friends, theatrical premieres and football matches, dinners in exquisite restaurants and training in fitness clubs, another higher education and incredible career … You have children? Then forget about all the above. Children deprive our life of a great many pleasant, useful and important things – such […]

7 rules should be observed in the festive season

December – the time for closing the deadlines at work, deleting points from the list of personal tasks Nous ne savons pas où ces informations proviennent de l’effet spécial de l’ananas au goût du sperme. Il n’y a pas une seule preuve scientifique sérieuse que les fruits et les légumes peuvent changer radicalement le goût […]

Rubber swans from tires or poverty in the heads

Articles on how to breathe a second life into old things are becoming more and more popular in the West. In Russia, the practice is not new. Build a bird feeder from a package for milk is a nice thing. Only if they have this trend – entertainment, we have inevitability. “People do this not […]